My Works:

The Death, Life, Resurrection, and Death of Sir John Falstaff

The (un)official sequel to "The Merry Wives of Windsor" by William Shakespeare

*Semi-Finalist for The American Shakespeare Center's "Shakespeare's New Contemporaries Program"

(Full-Length, 6M, 6F)

Synopsis: Sir John Falstaff is dead. D-E-seein' double-D's Dead. Or, at least that's the story from Nym, Pistol, and Bardolph. John leaves his widow, Mistress Mary Smullen-Falstaff, behind with all of his earthly possessions, or, at least half of them. Having been married for a year and hating every second of it, John hatches a hare-brained plot supported by his equally hare-brained men. The old Proverb says, "A companion of fools suffers harm," and it certainly rings true in this slapstick farce-a-palooza featuring familiar characters from Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor," and some new faces. Will John get away with his own murder, pay off his men for their help, and escape to a new land of debauchery? Probably not. Watch as the Admiral of Adultery sinks his own ship, one foolish decision after another.


The Rat King, Or Why You Shouldn't Eat the Consommé

(Full-Length, 4M, 3F)

Synopsis: Victorian bachelor Benedict Snerrat has fallen madly in love with Elizabeth Torrens, but he hasn't been completely honest with her, to say the least. With one not-so-simple lie, Benedict is forced to improvise an award-winning meal and hide his family's true means from Elizabeth. Complicate matters with a militaristic Scottish nurse, a dour butler dressed as a hunchback, and a spoiled Danish Prince and you've got yourself a soup fit for Queen Victoria herself. Oh, and don't forget the rats.

Production History: Staged Reading, Dec. 2016, Doane University.

A still from the 2016 staged reading of THE RAT KING...

A still from the 2016 staged reading of THE RAT KING...