A Year in Chicago...

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve been in this lovely city, and I haven’t lost a moment.

Beyond any accomplishments - the goals - I’ve been blessed to meet such incredible people, this silly journey is rich and lovely and kind and unkind and hard and rigorous.

Since I’ve moved here I have been a part of two equity productions at the Mercury Theater Chicago (Avenue Q and Little Shop of Horrors), nearly finished the i.O. Improv Program, began The Second City Conservatory Program, been a member of a longform narrative improv team, Hero’s Journey, began my own improv team Very Serious Actors, written a medley of sketches, and prepared my Tight-Five to be performed at i.O. on May 12th of this year.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

On to the next - to more opportunities - more laughs - more smiles - and more friends.


Me, as a plant, screaming with joy - dreaming of dead dentist.

Me, as a plant, screaming with joy - dreaming of dead dentist.

Nureyev's Eyes

A couple of months ago I rehearsed and performed in my first two-hander show, "Nureyev's Eyes" written by David Rush. This production was at the Bluebarn Theatre in Omaha, Nebraska, and directed by Darin Anthony. I starred in this production as Jamie Wyeth alongside Jed Peterson as Rudolph Nureyev. What an incredibly challenging process, but rewarding throughout. We were able to share a beautiful story of friendship. Audiences were able to watch two great artistic minds at the top of their respective fields clash and resolve.

Praise for "Nureyev's Eyes" at the Bluebarn Theatre: 

"Sam Woods excels as Jamie Wyeth..."    "...Woods’ Wyeth is also more than up to the challenge of keeping up with Nureyev’s intellect as he matches him riddle for riddle with a sly smile..."     "...This show is the essence of theatre.  It’s just real..." - https://creatingcontemplation.wordpress.com/ (Chris' Corner)


From the Outback, to the Schoolhouse, to the Courthouse, to the Morgue, and now to the Seas...

I have a blog page now. Wow! Exciting! Shine! New! Incredible. This will mainly serve as a place where I can make announcements as to what is happening, and keep an archive of it.  These last few months have been a little cray-cray. I have been fortunate to have gone from one show to the next to the next (etc.). This summer I went straight from performances of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert to Schoolhouse Rock: Live! to Legally Blonde: The Musical to an immersive adaptation of Romeo and Juliet and finally, I will be finishing my year as the orphan Prentiss in Peter and The Starcatcher at the Great Plains Theatre.

Rehearsals are to begin this Friday, the 16th of November! I cannot wait to get started on this charming and hilarious ensemble-based show.    Tickets at: http://www.greatplainstheatre.com/